Why Do Jewish People Dehumanized

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Jewish men, women, and children lost their lives because they were dehumanized to nothing more than just objects. Dehumanization is a process by which a person or a group of people deprive others of human qualities. The three most important reasons of how Jewish people were dehumanized is they were torchered, killed with little to no emotion, and put in harsh environments.
Above all, When Jews were in concentration camps, and they didn't do as they were told they would be beaten. Punishments such as being wiped or starved were part of the harsh conditions they had to face. Nazi treated these real people as if they weren't even alive. Wiping them ad beating them as if their lives didn't even matter. “So he beat me, what can I tell you? Only thank God, Anja didn't get also such a beating, she wouldn't live” (Spiegelman 57). Being dehumanized is being treated as little more than “things” were exactly how Jews were treated in the
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The harsh conditions that Jews had to live in was the result of almost half of the Jews in the camps. They had practically no home, and little food and water. “ ...I couldn't eat tinned meat after that. Those bug eyes… which looked at me… not knowing that in no time they’d all be dead “ (Sereny 141). Nowhere to sleep, little food and water. These people were treated and housed as slaves, and even slaves were treated better the how they Jews were treated in the Holocaust.
All in all, these were some of the most important reasons of how Jewish lives were dehumanized. Jews were the victims of dehumanization. They got torchered and treated as nothing more than “ things”. Being killed by fire with Nazi guards having no hesitation or no emotion, and being forced to live in conditions that are not fit for humans to live in. As a result of all this Jewish people had t die because of no reason at all. Only because of one thing, because they were
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