Why Do Kids Commit Crimes Essay

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60% of juveniles get convicted are tried as adults with life in prison without parole and without trial. The article “Kids are Kids Until they Commit Crimes” by Lundstrom states that kids will always be kids which means that they can't drive, drink, smoke, etc but as soon as they commit a crime most of them are tried as adults and most of the kids are on there first offence and that too many people is not right if they can't do half of the things adults can do they why do the sentence them as adults. Most kids don't know right from wrong, so why treat them as adults if they're just kids. Kids do lots of bad and stupid thing and mainly because they're not old enough to understand. Therefore you shouldn't have to punish kid as if they’re adult it not right. For a kid getting treated as an adult is like saying that you're worthless and you have no meaning if that's what you want kids to think go ahead do what you do best. It's been proven by Paul Thompson an assistant professor…show more content…
All kids should be given a second chance at life and that's why they created the juvenile court system so kids could have a second chance to life and maybe redeem themselves. In the article Juveniles don't deserve life sentences by Gail Garinger it talks about how juveniles do a crime the longest they an stay is until they are 18-21 years of age. With all this in progres we could work to rehabilitate half or most of the kids. In conclusion, kids should not be treated as adults because they don't know any better. Also if kids can't drink, drive, or go to R rated movies why can the be tried as adults it makes no sense kids will always be kids no matter the situation they are in you can't treat them as adults for one simple mistake that they made. Just because they're kids doesn't mean that they should not have a trial everyone should have a trial dispise their age and they should have a fair one to they have to look at evry thing about the
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