Why Do Kids Get Paid To Do Chores Essay

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Do you think kids should get paid for doing chores? Well, I think it is a great idea for kids to do chores and then get paid for it! Did you know that 74% of kids get paid for doing their chores? Chores teaches the kids responsibility, and parents get paid for working, so why shouldn't kids? Chores also teach the kids time management! Would you like to get paid for doing chores? First, chores teaches the kids responsibility. Without responsibility, kids wouldn't be responsible and do things on their own. Say your parents wanted you to do the dishes, fold the clothes, and set up the dinner table. If you do it, you will feel great inside because you are helping out.They would try their hardest because they know they would get paid. Also, it will teach you something that you need your whole life, responsibility! This is just one of the reasons why kids should get paid to do their work. Next, parents get paid for working, so why shouldn't you? Your parents have a job that they get paid for. Chores is technically working because you have to complete a task, which needs work! Since your parents are working, they get paid. Kids are working hard to finish a task and they should get paid. This reason really shows that there needs fairness because parents get paid so kids should too! Lastly, it…show more content…
The three main reasons are to be responsible, teaches you time management, and fairness with your parents getting paid so you should too! Although chores are things that are supposed to be done in the house and not for payment, kids are going through their childhood and are most interested in money! I think it is fair that kids get paid for doing chores. Do you think getting paid to do chores is fair? The next time you get paid for doing chores think to yourself and say, "I've done everything that I had to do, so I have been rewarded!" Go out and feel free to tell others about your opinion if kids should get paid for
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