Why Do Kids Play Competitive Sports Persuasive Essay

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Argument Essay Draft Competitive sports are beneficial to all kids because it will help them to be successful as they grow older. Kids learn different lessons that help them as they get older. They learn how to make good decisions, how to be responsible, and how to be better leaders. Kids who do not play competitive sports take longer, or do not learn these important lessons. This shows that competitive sports help kids succeed in life. Furthermore, kids that play competitive sports focus more, and make better choices. As kids play competitive sports, they learn that if they chose poorly, it can affect the way they play the sport. Kids want to become good at the sport, and if they do not make the right decisions, it can lead to them being…show more content…
For example, kids do not always win, but they learn to get back up and keep trying which builds their confidence. As they keep trying they get better, which helps them gain a higher self esteem and more confidence. Another reason is that competitive sports teach kids discipline at practice. Discipline is needed to help you succeed in life, because it helps you control what you say, causing better relationships with other people. Also, Bette Alkazian says that kids learn to cope with other teammates that may not be friends of theirs. This shows that they are leaders because they make an effort to talk to different people, and become comfortable with others. Most kids who do not do competitive sports are really shy, but if you play competitive sports you need to communicate with your teammates. In conclusion, Kids who play competitive sports will have a higher chance in succession then kids who do not play competitive sports. There are many reasons why kids should play competitive sports, such as they gain confidence, they are more responsible, and they make better choices. Above all, every child's goal is to do important things when they grow up, and competitive sports helps them achieve that
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