Why Do Kids Play Sports Persuasive Essay

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A family sits crowded around a tv watching the big game, cheering loudly for their team. Sports today are a large part of our lives. Many kids today play on at the least one sports team. Sports help keep kids active and maintain a healthy weight. Teams also help build sportsmanship and team building skills. Severe sports injuries are rare today with increasing technology sports are becoming safer. A little competition kelp help motivate kids to try harder and excel. Sports promote healthy weight, teach adolescents valuable lessons, and a healthy use of competition.

Today about one third of all high students are obese or overweight. A way we can help reduce childhood obesity is to encourage kids to be more active. It is recommended that kids get around one hour of moderate to vigorous exercise daily. While many kids, like the students at Maple Place Middle School, have gym everyday, their P.E period is only forty five minutes long. Especially in larger gym classes a good portion of gym is spent talking to your friends. Adolescents today need more than a daily gym class to get a sufficient amount of exercise. Competitive team sports are a great way
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Adam Buckley Cohen is very familiar with this argument, after his son was afraid of injury before a football game. He says ¨While some may argue that competition is damaging to young people and spotlight the rare incidents of sports injuries, the benefits are significant.¨ Cohen believes that severe sports injuries are rare and should not stop kids from playing sports. Instead of cutting competitive sports because of fear of injury, we can make sports safer. It should be encouraged that kids use less contact and scientists improve sports protection like, safer football helmets. In reality, competition in moderation can be good for kids. In fact competition is often the greatest motivation and will encourage athletes to work

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