Why Do Kids Take The Easy Way Out Essay

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Do you think kids take the easy way out their school work? Do you think that it will affect them and put them in danger, and not letting them think for themselves? Well while reading many sources some argue that kids do. While some argue that kids don 't and that it will help them. Even though, it can be very helpful. In my opinion, kids are taking the easy way out in school. Yet people are promoting kids to do so. This is going to put our generation in danger. This not letting themselves and is going to put kids in danger for. Because of it isn 't far for the other students, they aren’t letting them comprehend things, and they are promoting it. To begin with, the first reason why I think kids are taking the easy way out is because it isn 't far for hard-working kids. In The Antioch High School Times article, “Spark Notes Suck!,” By Ginger Grimes. Ginger complains…show more content…
. Additionally, another reason why I think kid are taking the easy way out and is going to put them in danger is because it is not letting us think for ourselves. In the article, “The Cliff Notes Information Age,” written by Blanche Williams. She does not deny that, “Critical thinking has become a lost art form filled with the media’s attempt to persuade us to sidetrack our ability to come to a conclusion, based on the facts.” She later goes on to state, “we are so programmed to some giving us the answers that it 's hypocritical and disingenuous for us to ask our kids to think for themselves and not cheat their way through life.” In making this comment, she urges us to stop letting the media brainwash us and to start thinking for ourselves. She doesn 't want us to bring this trait to our children and make them have that bad habit. This is really going to put the future of humanity in trouble. This really proves that our future people is not going do well. This is one of many issue why things like Spark Notes is going to affect our future and our way of
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