Why Do Magazine Advertisements Send Unhealthy Signals To Young Women

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Airbrush Nation written by Jennifer Nelson has inspired this question. Are magazine advertisements sending unhealthy signals to our young women? All over the world young women and teenage girls are reading magazines. These magazines display pictures of women that send unhealthy signals to our society and especially our children. Images that are airbrushed and photo shopped lead young women to believe that this type of beauty is attainable. The truth is when attempted it comes with serious side effects sometimes death. Magazines today are all about visual stimulation, not inner beauty. Subliminally there alter your mind to believe this type of beauty is attainable with products that are advertised.

Many believe that magazine advertisements do not send unhealthy messages, they think that the magazines are promoting healthy lifestyles .Offering healthy recipe 's, workout plans, weight loss tips, skin care products etc. Looking at pictures of women that are airbrushed and photo shopped are a great motivator? Another debate would be obesity, Does magazine advertisements help women understand how to better take care of their bodies to prevent obesity? In this world, we are constantly taking in new and improved information all the time through all sorts of outlets being media, magazine, television, internet etc. These sources
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Seeking information from any journals I can find, researching the sicknesses involved with all the side effects that we are susceptible to on a daily basis as women. Also, I would like to take the time to speak to other women to get others opinions on the subject. Explore obesity and where it starts etc. I can see both sides of the argument but raising a young teenager to be a strong confident women is not a easy task when all of these other sources are telling her it is ok to be unhealthy and too
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