Herzberg's Theories Of Motivation

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Introduction: The study of human behavior at work aims to find reasons why individuals are motivated to do things enthusiastically. The level of motivation can differ in people depending on their situation. For example how there are many ways to assist mangers to motivate employees more effectively. Motivation can range from money to credit for a job well done. Fredrick Herzberg also suggest that behavioral science can help mangers understand and identify ways to help motivate employees more effectively. For example, he refers to the impact of job satisfaction. (Joe, 1962-2014) The aim of this assignment is to examine two particular theories of motivation and to explain how these theories might help managers motivate employees more effectively.…show more content…
For example the strength of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is that it directs and encourages mangers to get the fundamentals right. This is a good way to start when dealing with employee motivational issues. Over time Maslow’s theories have been tried and tested and still influence management practice concerning work culture, employee rewards and management approach. It is my believe that the strength of this theory is that it provides managers with a practical framework that is easy to apply. Jim Collins in Built to Last states that "Maslow's profound concept of self-actualization could generate a Copernican Revolution of work and society, catapulting us out of what future generations will look back on as the dark ages of management" (Eu.wiley, 2000-2014). The goal setting theory is also a useful and practical management tool as it provides management with a framework to manage that involves goal setting and the clear communication of those goals to all concerned. Goal setting is not only essential to getting things done it is also vital to the economic success of a company. It is a good way to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of work progress and to assess employee performance and provide feedback. According to Edwin Locke “goal-setting is more appropriately viewed as motivational technique rather than formal theory” (Huczynski,…show more content…
Goal-setting helped me to motivate myself to achieve my aim by giving me focus and encouraging me to work harder to achieve my specific goals. I have also noticed that having goals has helped me to deal with another challenge in my life which is homesickness. Goal setting has given me something to work towards and has helped me to achieve my objective which is to get a degree because this is necessary for my self-esteem, career development and

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