Why Do Metaphysics Exist

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Metaphysics can be defined as the study of nature and structure of reality. An inquiry into what is real and how the real things exist. It is a concept that human being has to discover for them to find the purpose their in this world. There are a number of inventory of reality. First and foremost, reality is the state of the things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. Therefore, metaphysics produces a list of real things. This list also tells us what is believed to exist but the reality does not. There are three main views of what is real namely materialism, idealism and dualism. The first concept is materialism. Reality is composed entirely of matter or physics stuff. Immaterial things and nonphysical objects do not exist. The second concept is idealism. Reality is composed entirely of immaterial things like mind, ideas or concepts. Physical objects do not exist as any kind of substance independent of mind. Materialism and idealism are forms of monism. Reality is…show more content…
Metaphysic has become our way of life since people thrive their best to find their purpose in this world. Tao the Ching has emphasized his book on the importance for truth and having meaningful life. Tao is original from China and he is credited for his philosophical concept about governing. He had a big role and influenced the china authoritarian in many ways that have promoted good governance. Tao the ching is the most frequently translated book in the world. There are about 100 English translation alone. The individual who wrote Tao ching (Tao Tzu) is still debated. There are traditional and modern theories that explains who was the author of this book.To some extend I was surprised that reality shapes every aspect of our life. It is indeed important for people to understand better on who they are so that they can discover the truth and the philosophy behind
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