Why Do Mexican-American Women Want To Work

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Throughout the chapter the main concepts that stood out most were the multiracial interactions that women encountered by working with women of different ethnicities, the opportunities that came about from this defense work both positive and negative, as well as what were the reasons that led to Mexican-American woman to want to work. Even though the majority of the women that worked for these industrials companies were Mexican, Mexican-American, there was still a vast amount of other women that were American, African American, and Asian. These women worked side by side, and it allowed for more intermixing between these groups. Although some women were intermixing well with woman of other ethnicities, there were still smaller groups of employers that would see the discrimination in the position levels, or how certain groups of women received promotions or higher wages. From these…show more content…
Some women felt it was their sense of duty, an obligation to the country as well as to their boys that were fighting overseas. Despite the outsider status they had, many Mexican-American’s still referred to the U.S. as “my country, our country”. Besides this, some women also felt that working was a sort of outside way to the culture, by being allowed to work Mexican-American women could leave the house and not have to accompanied by a male sibling. The majority felt that if they worked hard enough they could prove that they too were capable of being professional people. That same mentality of working “hard enough” is still here today, myself included.
This chapter portrayed the cross of races, the opportunities for both the positive and negative sides, the ultimate goal that Mexican-American woman wanted was acceptance. Acceptance they believed they deserved because of the hard work and dedication they were

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