Why Do Middle School Recess

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Opening statement Most people will think that oh middle schoolers get enough physical activity but that is not the case.Middle schoolers need recess.Middle schoolers need to get all the physical activity they need to let loose their energy. The first reason is that middle schoolers from most studies done by cnn say “that middle schoolers need an average 50-60 minutes of physical activity everyday.” Middle schoolers are at that age when you are doing more work and have harder topics. They could also be doing a sport and that could take up a big amount of time and then you come home with a boatload of homework and not have any time to go outside.Another reason is that if middle schoolers don 't have recess all that energy that 's stored …show more content…

School days are long and most of the time middle schoolers can 't wait to the end of school. That 's why recess should be there, it allows to enjoy sun or enjoy snow or whatever season. It also allows the kid to have su which is healthy for you also it gives you fresh air. Because otherwise a teenager could make a problem from having the lack of movement. One example is middle schooler boy who caused a disturbance got treated badly because sometimes he caused a disturbance and that hurt his self esteem. All because he could not go outside, from one story by a mom on her child. Another reason is middle schoolers are socializing a lot more and they feel they need to talk to their friends and recess is perfect time for that. Also it will solve the cellphone problems with recess because if middle schoolers want to socialize than maybe recess can stop kids from going on their phone. Also having no recess will make middle schoolers feel even worse. To explain more middle schoolers friendships can be hurt because they can 't talk. One example of that is when I was in 5th grade one of my best friends and I got to talk a lot during recess but when they took that away in middle school I could not talk to him that much

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