Why Do Money Mistakes Moms Make Essay

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Money mistakes moms make Finding the right balance with money has always been difficult and very few people have managed to discover the secret behind getting it right. As a mum it is even harder because you really want to do what’s best for your family and avoid landing yourself in a pickle. Firstly moms must always be aware of the amount of money they are spending. It is best to stay away from credit cards or swiping in the shop with debit cards because you are not using actual cash you really are not aware of how much you are spending. As tempting as it maybe try and avoid purchasing things on credit, I know the little dress is cute and oh those little shoes for little feet are adorable but if you take it, eventually you will need to pay…show more content…
Mommies also worry about their child’s social standing at school. Throwing a birthday party that was better than your child’s best friend means digging into money you may not have all because you are worries about your child feeling less loved than Sophie because they didn’t get the Barbie castle cake. Mommies put a lot of pressure on themselves landing in debt by buying gifts and throwing parties when in fact that is not the way to your child’s heart. A loving safe environment is all they needs. Household budget tips Here are some helpful tips for mums who need to have a better handle on their money: • It helps to sit down with all receipts and bills that you have gathered for every month and take a look at what you are spending your money on every month. This includes eating out, entertainment for you and your children. There after you can list it all down and see where you can cut back. • Start encouraging home cooked meals. With a budget you can plan your meals and try interesting yummy recipes the family will enjoy. And you can keep your family healthy by not encouraging junk

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