Why Do Movies Change The Entertainment Way In People's Life

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I. Abstract

In the wake of developments in science and technology,watching movie has already became a mainly entertainment way in people’s lives. Movie, as a kind of forms of art with hyper–integration, the meaning of movie’s existence not only simple and clear like other entertainments, such as game. When you walk into cinema and blend into the dark,you will think about the movie is good or bad and the meaning of the movie. Some movies makes you feel happy, others make you feel sad. Someone even change theirs hobbies and rhythm of lives, affected by movies. So how the movies shake your heart?

II Introduction

During the 1930, there was a trend about the birth of movie. Until 1895, Lumière brothers form France transformed the zoetrope what invented by Edison, and then successfully developed the cin matographe. From 1896 to now, the film from development to maturity, not only as an entertainment, but also became a form of art which has great social influence. Numbers of artists, including dramatists, musicians, terpsichorean, photographers and all kinds of top artists from many different area of art, they cooperated and innovated, finally achieved this art which can go beyond the reality and run through the past and present.

III Body Sections

1 Question for music : why do movies need music?

Since the film into talkie-times,music plays a important role in the film. A movie with a good musical score can always let people remember profoundly. Let 's make a concrete analysis

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