Why Do Neurosurgeons Get More Recognition

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Do you think that Neurosurgeons deserve more recognition than athletes? Some think that athletes deserve more recognition than Neurosurgeons, research shows, however, that being a Neurosurgeon takes a lot longer and is a lot more expensive than an athlete. Not only that but athletes get paid more even though Neurosurgeons do a lot more for this world.
One reason that Neurosurgeons should get more recognition is that it takes a lot longer to become a Neurosurgeon. For example, Neurosurgeons need at least 15 years in college. This shows how being an athlete is easier because college athletes only need about 4 years. Also, in 2009, the average cost to go to college for medical students was $156,000 just for 1 year of college. This is important
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Neurosurgeons perform complicated surgeries that successfully save lives. And all athletes try to do is just win games. Neurosurgeons also specialize in the central and peripheral nervous system including congenital anomalies, trauma, tumors, vascular disorders, infections of the brain or spine, stroke, or degenerative diseases of the spine. In addition, very few Neurosurgeons work less than 50-60 hours a week when athletes get 4 months off.
A final reason that Neurosurgeons should get more recognition than athletes the average pay. For example, when Neurosurgeons first start, on average, they get paid about $395,000 a year. After about 6 years that increases to $589,500 per year. (Andrea, 2016, p.1) NBA players, on average, start at $5 million per year, MLB players, on average, start at $3.2 million per year, and NHL players, on average, start at $2.4 million per year. (, 2014, -yearly-sa_b_4184716.html)
Sports players should not get anywhere near as much recognition as Neurosurgeons. I’ve seen Neurosurgeons do surgeries and when I watch them, they look very hard! After I saw it, I could definitely see why Neurosurgeons have to go to college for 15
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