Why Do Not Pay Students For Good Grades Essay

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Has your child ever asked, "I'll take out the trash if you pay me 5 dollars."? Well, they may ask you for payment when you ask them what to do nowadays. The main cause of that might be because you are willing to reward them with money for having good grades and now that you've said that, your child may think they can earn money by asking for money for every good deed they do. Personally, I don't think to pay your child just because of good grades is a good idea. It can lead to problems about school. For example, it can increase the amount of stress, it can affect your child's natural enthusiasm to learn or be educated. Here are my reasons why I think paying your child for good grades isn't one of the best ideas.

Initially, parents shouldn't pay their children due to high levels or issues or stress. According to the NEA article it states, "Many teachers, also paying students for good grades leads to practical problems in the classrooms, those of which include pressure to inflate grades and conflict
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In the opinion of Edward Deci and others, they all state, "....the child's enthusiasm for learning may be dampened." This shows that without the payment, the student/child may not do as well as they could've done so before without the thought of being paid. Thus, leading to a drop in their grade. In the long run, they may show lower academic performance, Then they wouldn't have any enthusiastic feeling and may have the thought to quit school. In the future, the action of quitting school would soon end up in regret and the former student won't be knowledgeable and wouldn't know what to do for their future. In conclusion, this would lead to the downfall of the student's life just because of the 'greed' for
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