Why Do Nurses Change Lives

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Nurses Change Lives The drenching rain whips pass me leaving my hair, clothes, and shoes heavily soaked as I walk towards the entrance of the G. A. Carmichael Family Health Center. As I enter the clinic, I notice that the patient waiting area is filled to capacity. Patients are wall to wall from the pediatric area to the internal medicine area. I approach the sign-in desk, making it known that I have a 3:00 p.m. appointment to interview Mrs. Monica Gilkey. Mrs. Gilkey is a veteran registered nurse of twenty plus years at G. A. Carmichael Family Health Center and well known for her work in the community. Although she is well-known to me, I am nervous about the interview because I have never done this before. Over the last year, I have been strongly considering a career in nursing after experiencing several family members’ battles with serious health issues. Mrs. Gilkey has been an inspiration to me from my toddler years until now. I have always admired the strength and courage that she possesses as well as the gentleness she provides while assisting her patients. She makes everyone feel as if they are top priority. What better…show more content…
Why or why not? “Yes, I would most definitely choose nursing as my career over and over again. As I stated previously, this has been a rewarding career for me. I have met some of the most loving and caring people throughout my career as a nurse. I love the stability that comes with the job because nurses are always in demand and there are so many areas that one can work in. So many doors have been opened for me and I am so grateful. This line of work has put me in touch with the person that I really am and has shown me that I am much stronger and caring than I knew. This career has been a very important piece in putting my life together and I don’t regret a single day having chosen it
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