Why Do Outsiders Have Curfews For Minors?

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Town officials and the police are debating whether to have curfews for minors or not. The book The Outsiders by S.E Hinton is about a gang of young boys who have to overcome many obstacles such as the west-side socs. Most of the people in this world may think curfews are unfair, but it is crystal clear that they are for the best.

Curfews will keep kids away from alcohol, drugs and other harmful things like that. When kids have big parties they wait till it gets late to bring out drugs and alcohol so they won’t get caught. “ A curfew will allow less time for kids to get in trouble with gangs, alcohol, drugs, and things like that”. Curfews are what will help stop young kids from drinking and doing drugs. When Ponyboy and Johnny go to find Dally at a party after they kill Bob, all the people at that party are drinking and smoking. “If Dally was drunk and in a dangerous mood…”.Curfews will help children grow up joyful and healthy.
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Curfews will have kids inside before all the trouble usually starts to occur. “Curfews lower the number of teens involved in crimes”. Also, “ Experts credit public curfews for the drop in crime”. All the bad things that kids are involved in happen at night because kids think they can do whatever they want because no one is watching them. When Ponyboy and Johnny were out late, it would help prevent them from killing Bob."Oh, glory," I said with a groan, "this is all I need to top off a perfect night" . If Johnny and Pony had a curfew then they wouldn't have come across the Socs because they would be at home, and they wouldn't have killed
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