Why Do Parents Influence Career Choice

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Passing 10+2 is crucial, what to do next--- is even more critical. Making a right career choice involves a lot of thinking as you have to analyze various fields of studies and right universities. Nowadays, most of the students are forced to opt a career according to the choice of their parents. Parents are the major influential factor in the career development of a child. Parents influence children’s career choices both intentionally and inadvertently. By the time children move into adolescence, they begin seriously considering their futures, often looking to their parents either as role models or for career advice. A parent’s approach to this can either inspire teenagers to explore a diverse set of potential occupations or to stick to a path they think their parents will approve of. The world is changing and the dreams of each child change accordingly. Children should also be given the right to choose their career path and live their dreams but the real world experience of parents definitely can 't be put on a back seat. So, who should be the one choosing a career for a child - the child himself, parents or both together? Parents’ high standards sometimes influence children to pursue activities they think will win the approval of their parents. For example, some parents punish their teenagers for not earning straight As, or criticize them for pursuing art instead of a practical profession such as law or medicine. In these cases, a teenager might feel obligated to select a

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