Advantages And Disadvantages Of Talking To Kids About Drugs

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Talking to kids about drugs can be difficult. Having to explain why drugs are bad for them and why they should not consume them can be hard. I have seen from my own experience kids from ages seven through twelve seeing people on drugs. They have seen them in public spaces. For example, my eight and twelve year old nieces and I went to 7-eleven to buy some chips, then we noticed a lady screaming and walking back and forth outside of 7-eleven. My nieces were wondering what was wrong with the lady and my older sister had to explain to them that she was most likely on drugs. That experience made me realize that kids can be exposed to seeing anybody on drugs at any time. Parents should talk to their kids about drugs at a younger age because they…show more content…
Telling them that drugs can harm their brain cells if they consume drugs while their brain are still in the process of growing. Drugs can harm the body from the outside and the inside. Sometimes that harm can lead to a higher risk of dying because of the damage being done. Drugs like heroin, ecstasy, alcohol, and many more can cause your brain to be in another condition of not being able to be in control of your body. For example, one of my friends, uncle has been doing cocaine and drinking alcohol since he was 27 now that he is 35 he has horrible chest pain and his heart rate is very high leading him to have a heart attack at any moment. Giving kids this information can make them understand that drugs are something not be messed around with and should be kept away. Kids can also have the knowledge about what drugs are. If the kid knows at an earlier age about drugs he or she will know how to say no when offered. Knowing about drugs can help the kid know how to stay away from them because they will already know what drugs can do to them. My twelve year old niece has been offered marijuana before and because she knew what it was she quickly turned the offer down because of the knowledge she knows about it. If she did not know what that was she would of been in lots of
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