Peace Causes War

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The thought of having peace is almost always thought of as a good thing. Sometimes, however, peace is not always such a good thing and can lead to even worse situations than before. One reason why peace isn’t always good and can lead to war is because of punishments put onto other countries for their previous actions. Another reason why peace can lead to war is because alliances will always be thought of in peace treaties. The last reason why peace can lead to war is because some governments don’t really get much of a say in peace talks. The first reason why peace can lead to war is because of punishments put onto other countries for their previous actions. A prime example of this is the reparation payments put onto Germany after World War…show more content…
This makes sense because no country would want to in any way hurt a country that they are in an alliance with. This was the case in the treaty of versailles because all of the allied countries that talked about peace agreed on the same things that would all benefit each others country. This source is Wilson’s 14 points which were points that Woodrow Wilson wanted to establish to create a better and more peaceful world. However in these points, it can be seen that Wilson intended all of the points to benefit him and his allies and in a way hurt the other countries. For example, one of Wilson’s points calls for absolute freedom of the seas during peace and war. This point would benefit the United States and its allies because of the ability to keep a close eye on the German submarines who caused much havok during world war 1. Another one of Wilson’s points states that all colonial claims will be adjusted based on the interests of the population and valid claims from the government. This point eventually would cause Germany to lose land and become unstable. This source shows how peace can lead to war because these points were meant to bring peace to everyone but since the ideas were biased towards some countries more than others they didn’t bring much peace and caused some problems. In this source it can be seen that Woodrow Wilson made a great effort to achieve peace with their old opponents and fix what was wrong with them. These fixes however seem to rush into the signing of a treaty of Versialles that does clearly not benefit Germany and its allies. Germany was sort of forced to aggreeing to these terms even if this is not what they intended. This can be seen in the source when it says that Germany was near military defeat and approached Wilson about the fourteen points. The German government was in a way forced to agree to these terms since they were close to
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