Why Do People Admire Amelia Earhart

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A Female Pilot

Amelia Earhart is like an olympian winning a gold medal, because An olympian likes winning because they tried their hardest at winning and they practiced really hard each day. Amelia Earhart had a horrible childhood. For example, Amelia’s parents sent her to her grandparents house and “after family reunited Edwin tried to maintain family.”(Amelia Earhart biography)Amelia visited parents in the summer. Amelia attended different schools. Grandma and father hated Amelia.(Amelia Earhart). Amelia Earhart is an inspiring person because she broke records about flying around world. Many people admire Amelia for traveling the world 2 ½ times. For example, Amelia Earhart awesomely “She broke record” of “flight around world.”(Amelia
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