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Why are they becoming successful today? I have found that running sometimes feels like the bread and butter to getting fit. Oftentimes, people put one foot in front of other to start their weight-loss journey. Others use running as a way to relieve the stress or bond with friends. And sometimes, people deals with crazy running challenges only to test their capacity and strength. If you are the type of person who is taking little steps and dreaming of a 1000 mile race, there are plenty of ways to get into this popular sport or even have fun in your daily runs with fun events like the Color Run. It was in Madrid when I firstly checked off what they called one of the happiest things to have in your bucket list. I really didn’t expect that much until I entered in the race and found out that themed runs like The Color Run are becoming vastly popular since there is undoubtedly a connection between sport and fun. Estimated as more than 250€ million industry today, themed runs and even obstacle challenges are quickly and undeniably gaining…show more content…
- Theme Runs are events held around a cultural or seasonal them that often involve costumes and decorations. They all come in different sizes and themes. For example, Santa runs, St Patrick runs, Turkey trots, color runs, zombie runs, beer runs, etc. - Obstacle challenges are outdoor endurance events held in natural or man-made environments that often incorporate obstacles. For instance, mud runs and obstacle races. Regardless of the type of run, among the participants there are also some athletes involved in these fun events that undergo some sort of training prior to race day. They do not just show up and start running as the rest of participants does. However, in addition to a training schedule, participants also have a clear goal, invest in comfy workout clothes along with proper fitting shoes ensure success and ultimately make sure come race, they cross the finish

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