Why Do People Blame Others For Others

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Why do people blame others for their own mistakes

Blaming others for things they did not commit is something everyone undertakes at least once in their lives. There is always going to be a few people who address their mistakes on everyone, but themselves. It is an everyday issue that whenever a person does something wrong they will try to shift the blame to other people, so it would not be their fault anymore. This is something which will not always be consciously thought out. Whereas, some people are conscious about their behavior, they will often be referred to, as the ‘blame-shifters’. There is several major reasons and causes why a person shifts the blame to others, and it is so universal that several films and pieces of literature have adapted this as a theme. Blaming someone who is innocent will not always be easy, and at the same time they will have to convince themselves that they are right, by giving statements to their innerself, and others whether or not, they would be valid.

Why do some people blame others more often than others, can have an explanation in the environment they grew up in, or in their personality. Parents can even propose a parenting system, in which, they have frequently blamed their child for their own mistakes. Then later the child adapts these former experiences into his own life, and begins shifting the blame. Also, this would then end in a cycle of blame, as the child continues the parenting system to his children. Futhermore, personality
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