Why Do People Choose Hate Groups

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According to the Southern Poverty Law Center website, Missouri holds twenty-four organized hate group organizations of the nine hundred and seventeen existing in the United States. The majority of these groups have headquarters along the eastern border near St. Louis, Missouri and a few scattered among the mid-south. These groups consist of variations of the Ku Klux Klan, White Nationalist and Black Separatists all trying to push towards separatism versus inclusiveness. The current numbers of supporters are rising. If we turn on any number of news stations we can find a daily report of some form of violence and with this trend on the rise, it is in our best interest to join and dismember these organizations. We can move towards equality…show more content…
History teaches that early humans had a better chance of survival if they stayed in groups. The community functioned in the best interest of the whole in order to provide basic human necessities, protection, and the overall workload was delegated amongst the people of the community. These examples are all functional, but do not take into account the social experience of belonging to a group. This group can feel a void of emptiness and allow individualized social acceptance to be reached. Lastly, groups can help push ideas into society or individuals by creating a following or likeminded individuals. So, why do people choose hate groups? While there are many cases and theories we can study, the consensus it can be for a number of issues ranging from lack of responsibility and needing someone to blame, sense of power and authority and to have a “safe” place to share similar ideas; and then there are the stereotypical reasons, broken home, sexually abused and poverty. My working definition of what a hate group is and does, hate groups attempt to build the individuals perfect nation by gaining support of likeminded persons and projecting those ideas onto society through various methods, which brings us to how do we stop the

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