Why Do People Create Computer Viruses

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In the beginning, the increasing use of computers and the Internet has achieved many goals for all users and increased work efficiency, but there are fears the risk of continuation of various crimes related to information theft and destruction of data and access to the characteristics of individuals, institutions and governments. In this essay, we will learn about computer viruses and the concepts related to the destruction of data, and we will illustrate and explain how they affect computer also the necessary caution and prevention of these risks that have a negative impact not only on individuals and institutions, but to society in general, also the history of computer viruses. Definition of Computer viruses Computer virus is a common term that…show more content…
People create thousands of viruses on the Internet today. So, there are many reasons why they create them: • Stealing information Online games and virtual goods have real life value attached to them and virus is created to steal online account information related with online games. Using this type of virus, a person could gain access to a victim's account and then steal their information and currency. They could even sell their information to other players for real money. • Making money Computer viruses perhaps slow down the computer work without damaging the computer all that much, other than slows it down. The designs of these viruses in order to get information about the computer and sent to the user who is responsible for making this virus. After collecting many users use the information as a target of the advertisements and send it annoyingly by e-mail or pop-up windows. If enough computers get infected they can earn money from all the ads displayed. The more ads they send out, the more chances they have of getting people to buy something or visit the advertiser. Sometimes, all it takes is one virus program to generate hundreds, or even thousands, of ads on your

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