Why Do People Decide To Kill

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Evidently, there are many things wrong with someone if they are able to commit murder. A killer can range from a seemingly normal person, to an obviously deranged looking psychopath. Although, it does not matter what is on the outside, but more what is happening internally. Killers usually have a childhood trauma in their lives, are depressed, and are also psychotic. There has always been an argument about why killers decide to kill. Some people believe that all killers have to have mental issues, while on the other hand different people say that they have a motive against a certain group or individual. However, there are also people who believe that the main cause is an early childhood trauma. While researchers on this topic might not all agree,…show more content…
Jim Fallon, a neuroscientist and professor at the University of California, claims that “very early on, before puberty, you have to be involved in something that is really traumatic” (Fallon). Undeniably, when you are a young kid “seeing violence, or being involved in it, in 3D” (Fallon) it can be very disturbing and horrific. A extremely traumatic event can shape a way a kid thinks and acts. He or she can think that it is okay to do these horrific things to people after seeing other people do them as a child. In addition, the article Probing the Mind of a Killer states that “killing people you don’t know ordinarily requires a rage that can only come from a pivotal event or trauma that transforms one’s personality” (Morgenthau) at a young age. When someone has a major trauma at a young age, they are still forming who they are as a person, and this event could cause them to form themselves into a murderer.. In fact, when someone has a major trauma at a young age it can cause an overwhelming amount of anger that can ultimately lead to murder. Experiencing and seeing a traumatic event as a child can lead to an overwhelming desire to

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