Why Do People Feel Uncomfortable With Music

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We are uncomfortable with music when we can 't identify with the emotions of a song or genre. Music evokes emotion even if we do not realize it. As stated by an English soprano singer, Lesley Garrett," Music is there to access those dark emotional corners that we do not normally get to." Sometimes we do not wish to feel the emotions music brings out in us and that is when we feel uncomfortable.
Music can be the most emotional in all acts. Music makes us connect to emotions we have never felt before. Sometimes people fear getting to these deep and emotional parts of themselves. People do not always like to feel these types of emotions because sometimes a song brings back a bad memory that we do not wish to recall. Some people even have a fear of music like psychoanalyst Freud. Freud was uncomfortable with music. Freud could not identify with any emotion in the songs
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However, some people may feel comfortable with music when their emotions are expressed. Some people feel connected to music which speakes to their emotions. Unlike Freud, many people enjoy the calming feeling of Classical or upbeat of Trap music. As well, Unlike Susan Hiwatt some people enjoy listening to rock music and don’t ' feel so trapped that the music is really disrespecting females. Lastly, unlike Laina Dawes some people do not care if they are a rebel for listening to music that does not fit their race or culture because it is what they enjoy. Music is known to help us feel whole. Music is known by many as an escape from reality. In "Music and Consciouness" by Leonid Perlovsky, he states," Consciouness, especially as it is reflected in language, strives to split the world into pieces. Music makes it whole again, in all its manifold emotionality." Music is known to calm us from our states of chaos allowing us to become in sync with our deepest emotions. Some people do not know how to release their emotions and therefore allow music to escape from the emotions it is hardest for them to
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