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Question (19) Why do people fight over language?

Paul B. Garette


Language imparts an identity to its speaker. To those who speak the lingua franca (English), it is easy to take monolingualism for granted. However, to those who speak the minority language in a multilingual and multi-ethnic nation, language is an integral part of their identity. Inevitably, constant tension and struggle exist between speakers of different languages. Language conflicts arise when speakers of the dominant language oppress and marginalize speakers of another. When such a dichotomy exists, language
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For example, attending structured language classes and interacting with the locals enhance speaking and listening skills. The writer also describes his friend’s case, in which she went to Spain for language training and pledged to speak no English. Since her friend forbade herself from communicating in English, she could rapidly pick up Spanish at an advanced level.

However, this is a double-edged-sword method as the person is isolated from the society where they come from and the language which they understand, and so they have to overcome communication problems alone. Depression and homesickness may be resulted due to prolonged isolation from their roots. On the other hand, it provides shortcuts to learn a second language faster and more accurately.

It would be more effective if this learning technique is slightly altered. Linguistic isolation may not be necessary. The student can maintain relationships with people from the same language background. This minimizes the possibility of having depression and homesickness from being isolated. However, the student should spend the majority of his/ her time interacting with the locals in the target language. One disadvantage is that it takes longer for the student to learn the language than a student who tries linguistic

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