Why Do People Get Caught In The Crucible

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Durring the crucible of 1692 in salem many things happened. For example many people got caught for witchcraft. In baseball, many got caught for using steroids.
In the Crucible, many women got caught for dancing in the woods. Turns out they were doing witchcraft and got taken to court over the problem. The people included Abigale, Betty, Tituba, Marry Warren, Sussana, Sarah Good, all got caught for witchcraft.
When it comes to baseball and getting caught for steroids, they all wanted to get buff at once and everyone found out. The word got around considering everybody was doing them.
Alex Rodriguez used steroids as an early as highschool, and continued to used HGH even when he joined the Yankees. HGH (Human Growth Hormones) cause nerve, muscle,
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