Why Do People Have Free Will In Macbeth

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The last thing that the witches predict is that macduff will kill macbeth, which happens. So the real question is did Macbeth have free will or was it fate that ended him? It is very easy to predict the fact that Macbeth was controlled by fait. Macbeth was easily controlled by fait. At the beginning of the story he had no idea he would ever be king. He was just a knight doing his thing, But he ends up running into the witches and they tell him all of these series of events that will happen, the third witch said “All hail, Macbeth, thou shalt be king hereafter!” it is ironic how right after macbeth killed the king that he became kin. The witches told macbeth that certain events were going to take place which they did. They said that macbeth…show more content…
It is an either or situation. Some people may think MAcbeth is controlled by fate, but quite a few people think Macbeth had complete free will. The reason people think that is because Macbeth “chose” to kill. The other reason people think Macbeth had free will is because he had the choice to deny Lady Macbeth and her wishes to have him do evil things. Another reason people may think Macbeth was controlled by free will is because he could have just stopped killing, he could have killed once and then moved on and stopped, but decided to kill more to solidate his power. Both sides are very valid arguments. I firmly believe that Macbeth was controlled by fate. He was cursed by witches at the beginning, it set the rest of his life in stone. What the witches said would happen happened and the seems like a pretty good picture of fate. Fate is defined as “the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.”that is exactly what fate was to Macbeth. Everything that happened was out of his control. That is what makes me believe that this is fate Macbeth is definitely controlled by fait. He was perfectly fine at the beginning of the story. But he was cursed by a witch and therefore it was

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