Why Do People Have Too Much Power

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I agree with the thought of the quote fifty fifty. There are certain people that can take power into their hands and do good with it, but there are also a few that can’t control it correctly. Those people that can’t control it tend to think they are better than everyone else and their irrational actions turns them into bad people.
One example of this is today 's police force. There are a lot of men and women in the force that are good people, but it’s the few that abuse their power and beat people for no reason that make the whole force look bad. Those few should not be on the force; we want the peoples that can handle power correctly and make the nation a safer place. Although there are officers that will break with power we can’t let them be the faces of the police. We can’t be scared every time there is a police officer near us. We should be glad their is an officer around us and we should feel safe.
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Although this is an extreme example it still shows that power corrupts the mind. He first wanted to be an artist but a school that he applied to denied him. He was sane before he had power but, once he became the dictator of germany he lost his mind. He then went on to kill a huge population of the jewish society.
Another example of power corrupting is Jack from the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding. ALthough Jack didn’t have complete power of the boys he still was able to control them. ALthough there was also the fact that they were stranded on the island that made him crazy he was still doing things that were very wrong in society. He had been crazed ever since they got there because he took the choirboys and made them run in an orderly fashion and wouldn’t let them stop even though Simon was about to pass
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