Why Do People Help People To Stop Smoking?

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In the article, 100 years of smoking studies in popular science, Diep (2014) said that amongst 600 smokers approximately that scientists selected from a group that encoded 1000 people in 2005, according to….. A lot of research done by famous scientists show that smoking is the most common habit for teenagers and adults in their free time, so many people build some hospitals and institutions to help other people to quit from smoking because smoking have a negative effect on our body and also on our lives. Every year scientists are creating many different things could help people to stop smoking. There are several things that help people learn how to quit smoking, sticking pads that help quit smoking and practicing some sports.…show more content…
This idea helps people with many things for example: help them to have a healthy life style and put them in a good shape also protect them from many diseases, all those thing can sport do it and more because people when practice sport they move many parts of their body and the most important thing happens is sweating, sweating remove the toxins from the body. Most people who want to stop smoking and ignore it from their daily routine they practice some sports such as: walking, swimming and football. About walking helps the person to remove the poison chemicals in their body when they sweat. Swimming mostly helps for breathing because who smoked his breath could be hard when he practices some sport or do some simple activity. Swimming helps by taking a dep breath to get the ability to stay under the water long time and also help the blood to move all around the body. However, the football helps because players are moving many part of their body and having a good healthy muscles. Smokers should have got a healthy muscle for their hart because smoking effected to the hart. This was the last suggestion for how to quit

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