Why People Join Gangs Essay

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As a result of my study on gangs, I have discovered that the reasons people join gangs are because they have an addiction to drugs, have uncontrollable emotions, face experiences with failure and have unhealthy relationships. I agree with these causes of why people join gangs and also believe those causes can be prevented. By making good decisions, I believe people would not join a gang. Other people might say that becoming involved with gangs cannot be controlled due to family and ethnic cultures endorsing it, but this is unreasonable because of all the preventions to the causes. The addiction to drugs is a cause of joining gangs, because once a person gets hooked they will take any necessary means to receive these drugs. If a teenager is exposed to drugs early on in life they are more likely going to get involved with gangs later on. In “Opposing Viewpoints” it states”, “Early marijuana use, was a predictor of gang activity later in life”(Berlatsky 1). Teenagers usually don’t have the money to get drugs and so by joining a gang they can be given the money or obtain the drugs at a…show more content…
All of these reasons have preventions that would help people not join a gang, which makes getting involved controllable. Other people might argue that you are unable to control getting involved in gangs because your cultural background and your neighborhood encourages you to. This is unreasonable because there are programs that can help people get out of gangs. Parents should also be informed of the dangers of joining gangs and teens should have the option to get help instead of being forced to join. Anyone can control getting involved with gangs because there are many preventions to the causes. There shouldn’t be any excuses when there are resources
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