Personal Decision Making Essay

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From Ceaser and Napoleon, to Nixon and Roosevelt it is observed that throughout history many great leaders have sought the wisdom of their peers and colleagues, yet this practice consistently led to these leaders being manipulated and conned out of the most beneficial decision for their future. People should listen to their own advice over the advice of others due to the fact that they know their own limits, have knowledge of past failures, and have their best interest at heart. When we make decisions it is necessary to have common sense and a firm focus on what we desire the results to yield of the decision at hand, yet this can only be accomplished when precautions are taken. One of the guiding principles of life when it comes to any practical…show more content…
Whenever you make decisions you run the risk of ending up with a negative outcome, yet when applying your knowledge of past failures these odds increase due to the fact that you have gained new knowledge through the failures preventing you from making the same mistakes again. No other being on this earth has such an in depth knowledge of who you are than you yourself, thus it is only logical that you apply all your knowledge of past circumstance to your given situation at hand rather than take someone’s experience based of their actions and outcomes which are flawed. These observations only retain their value if they are applied to an identical circumstance in which the original observation was collected, and this is impossible to accomplish due to the fact that no situation is identical to another and they all have minute…show more content…
Many people have had heart wrenching failure that have cost them everything simply by ignoring their own advice and going right ahead with another’s, and the simple truth is that in order to avoid failure you must listen to your own advice not the advice of

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