Why Do People Maintain Peace

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I have been in search of truth, since my college days; especially in search of peace. To demonstrate the fact in a nutshell about my learning would be this, “Your peace is yours no one else, beyond that everything is contrary, and religion is purely a part of it.”

As we all know religion has been observed as a matter of hullabaloo, consequently anyone who learned a fraction of philosophy or called himself as a knowledgeable person declined it wholeheartedly, perhaps they are right as we see the world around us and the atmosphere is also against it, but the truth is different.

Probably the reason always remains as religion’s purpose is not to increase chaos in the society; as it has been there for years to maintain peace, but it works oppositely, as in
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While you’re following a religion, does that mean you are above all? Or does it mean you will never face problems? Religion or what I say self-reliance is the process to make yourself dependable and peaceful simultaneously when you faced with adversities. Similarly, proper religion doesn’t work to make you a chaotic person. i

It works for your peace, and it doesn’t hide anything, for instance, if you think that something is fishy, or somehow you are frequently hidden from the fact, hence it is not a religion, it is a dogma without verity.

Now the question arises how to follow a proper religion?

According to the given fact above, I will be emphasis on the actual path rather than the superstitions. It is a matter of fact that every religion has its superstitions, even though it seems like a part of the society, but for a faithful follower, it is his or her duty to eliminate them, as a result of that you will come up a 24 carat gold.

In fact, whenever you claim that you don’t believe in religion, you don’t do it in the sack of uncertainty or doubts; you do it for the fear of acceptance and for the discipline which you will need to
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