Do We Need Knowledge Of The Future Essay

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People need knowledge of the past to fully understand the present When people are asked whether they need knowledge of the past to understand the present or not, an overwhelming amount of them believe that it is not so important. People live in the present, so they just need to face the current knowledge rather than past. However, there are some people who argue that perhaps it is quite the other way around. People do need to know the past in order to understand the present and predict the future successfully. As the saying goes “failure is the mother of success”. If there is no time and failed experimental experience, nothing would exist today. To illustrate this point, it is necessary to analyze it. As everyone knows, history…show more content…
People have learned everything from the history to the evolution of the past. For example, construction of the house; first of all, one should lay the foundation, and then a layer of cover. It is clear to see how important the foundation in life is. On the other hand, education is like building blocks, which means, step-by-step students will learn more difficult knowledge in the future and enter the higher-grade levels of learning during their studying time. However, if they do not have the basic knowledge that they learned before, they will not be able to solve some complicated problems. Therefore, the foundation is so important for the student when they are studying. For example, with the subject of math, the first step is to understand the formula and then slowly calculate the evolution. However, if the student does not have the formula calculated from the ancient people, it will be more difficult to get the answer fast. Students do need to understand the formula and the methods of using them that they learned before to solve present problems. However, past knowledge lets everyone know that it is so important for the present understanding, and they used experiments over the past few years to solve difficult questions they needed to

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