Why Do People Protest In The Vietnam War

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People protest every day. They protest about work, sports, gender, race. This happens all around the world. That doesn’t mean that everyone that protest is a hater of their country. To me, it just means that they have a different opinion than the ones presently represented. In the case of the Vietnam war, they weren’t hating America for fighting with the Vietnamese, they just disagreed with the choice of America. They were trying to protect their family members and their friends. People had brothers, sisters, mother, fathers, friends, all of them in the line of fire overseas. It wasn’t out of hatred that they were protesting, it was out of fear. The protesters were trying to improve what they thought was a mistake by their country. They were trying to help it, not hinder it. After all their trying, all they got in return was pain and punishment. One of the reasons to back up my claim is…show more content…
Among the reasons for protesting was the fact that they wanted to help America thrive. They knew that the war was not worth it and that there would be lots of casualties. They knew that America as a whole would be more successful if they didn’t fight. They were just trying to get that point across. As said earlier, the only thanks they got in return was pain and punishment. They didn’t want the blood of the war on their hands. They didn’t want a third world war after having just lived through World War I and World War II. Ten years after a world war is nothing. You are still trying to build up the life that just crumbled before. Ten years doesn’t give you enough time to recover. But, sure enough, ten years later, roughly 2,700,000 people were sent to Vietnam. That devastates a country. Within one-hundred years, people went through four of the toughest wars known to mankind, with the Vietnam war along with them. All they were trying to do was protect their country, and all they got in return was America turning a blind eye towards
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