Resist Change In The Workplace Essay

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Often people struggle with facing adversity and changes throughout their lives. All people do not respond the same way to changes and this is an issue that is faced a lot in the workplace. There are many different reasons that employees tend to resist change in an organizational environment. Robert F. Kennedy states that“About twenty percent of the people are against any change.” Employees should be open to organizational changes within their companies, people are not easily sold that the changes that occur within the workplace are beneficial to the employees at all. Many people often feel that the changes made are a hindrance instead of help. Throughout this paper I will speak about the common issues that cause people to resist organizational…show more content…
Employers often fail to realize that the employees are the people who are one of the major determining factors in the success of a company. People resist change because they do not feel that the company has their best interest at heart. In order for an organization to have a successful change there can not be any form of mistrust between the employees and their employers. Being able to trust an individual involves person having faith in their intentions which is vital. The organizations that have a stable relationship and trust their managers and staff have a higher level of respect for the company and their purpose which lessens the resistance within the employees. There is an easy fix to this situation and it begins with building an organizational group that is built off of trust. If an organisation is seen as being untrustworthy as demonstrated sometime in the past, so why would any employee trust such an organisation? Any sweeping changes on the job can cause employees to fear for their roles in the organisation. For this reason, a well planned outplacement support should be in place to manage and assist employees. Employees resist change because they are worried that they may not find another job easily and
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