Why Do People Skip Lunch

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How many people skip lunch or just sit for about 30 minutes just waiting for lunch to be over? There’s many people that don’t like lunch, the lines are too long and you barely have time to eat because once you’ve gotten your food they announce that you are dismissed to class or the food they are giving is just not the type you like. I think you the principal should give us the right to decide if we want to stay and eat what they are giving in the cafeteria or if we want to go out and get food from another place. Either way they’re some people that still go and skip a period just so they can go and get food so that in lunch they’ll actually eat something. Not every parent or guardian can go during their kids lunch period to go and leave them lunch many parents work and aren’t able to go and deliver it, so students have to risk the chance of getting caught,and go get food on their own because they are starving.
Yes, there is many risks if we are allowed to get food outside of school, we could get run over by a car when crossing the street but ya’ll could help out by giving people employment as street-crossers and they could help us cross the street, that way we don’t get killed if we don’t see a car passing by. And for the people that drive they could have car traffic and then still have to order the
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I say that you should change the rules a bit, choose two days maximum of when we can go out and get food of our type maybe a tuesday and thursday or a monday and friday. We should be allowed, we are old enough to make decisions of our own. We might end up getting late to our classes afterwards but somehow and it will be worth it because how many teachers get tired of daily having to be waking up one of their students in class every single day? and by getting the food we want will be energized to actually do work and pay
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