Why Do People Travel Alone Essay

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Why do people should travel alone? (At least one of their life) Once in your life, you have to travel alone and then you will see. It is not important that near or far but you have to go alone. Many people have a fear to traveling by themselves. Most of people think that traveling alone is dangerous and terrible. You will stay in the place that unfamiliar and it has many strangers around you. Some people said it so bored and feel lonely if travel alone because you don’t have partner or friends to talk or determine with you in the trip. This is the main reason that people choose to traveling with tourist. It has many good reasons that help you to decide to travel alone once in your teenager life. Travel alone will make you get a lot of new friendships, get more…show more content…
Some day when you decided to travel alone and try to set out alone you will found the best decisions in your life. In traveling there are so many people in the world that you still do not know. They may have thought the same or different to you. It is the things that we should to exchange more own experience. Strangers do not necessarily dangerous. Especially alone traveler we met a lot of new friends throughout our travel. The meeting with new friends makes you to know anything that you don’t know. You able to exchange other own experience with your new friends. You will meet many people from other counties around the world and we have same purpose that is traveling alone. It makes you more assertive. Some people speak in the difference language to you that opportunity to learn other language from your foreigner friends. Exchange the new experience with your new friends. A lot of experiences from other people have useful for your travel. You will learn many things from the people, who came from difference background, open your mind and try to talk with them. Some people meet the amazing place or wonderful journey from good

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