Why Do People Turn Bad?

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This is the melancholic state of rich people in India, who can commit life threatening errors and just get escaped with their so called fame, name, power and of course money. Damayanti hates him for the blood checks she has undergone and the relief she feels, after seeing the report that he has not infected her. She has been medically advised to undergo regular checks till the foreboding “Window Period” is past. From then on, she does not let him have sex with her. But ultimately in the end, her last blood report before the completion of window period breaks the agony and anguish she has been going through, by declaring her as HIV positive. She wonders how to react and wonders what other women do when they first hear that their husband has…show more content…
It is because we have to consistently make them right choices; these just choices affect our brain’s chemistry in potent ways. Nurture plays a key role in nature. So, we make our right choices and several areas of our brain light up in exultancy. This leads us to feel happy and capable of more even handed choices as reasonable individuals.
Saraswati gives us reasons and her researched views on why people turn bad. We turn bad if we can’t help it like when we are clinically insane. Generally, people go bad in smaller ways: they malfunction among family, friends workplace, community. These are largely rectifiable, if redress is applied equitably and speedily. The biggest challenge for such people comes when they are expected to apply the same moral care and empathy to people outside their tribe.
The noble are those who do not make the distinction. They believe themselves to be under one sheltering sky, not a dividing, indifferent blue. In making this choice, they also prove that immorality is not pandemic or contagious. These are God’s
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Gandhiji’s own faith in his religion ‘purity in thought’ and so deep concern for the society empowered him to be without fear. If only the entire mankind would try and see their faith through the other’s eye.
The answer depends as at all times purely, essentially on how many hearts will allow good to triumph over evil. Saraswati remembers the last words of her mother prior to her death; I like the idea of such deep satisfaction at a life lived with quiet strength. Stree Shakti, nari-shakti, women power from within; these are easy concepts to hold forth on adhering to them is quite another matter.
When we need Shakti, close your eyes and bring these into your mind’s eye. Every woman is supposed to be a bit of everything, so many roles to play in one life. Mostly we manage but sometimes we need help. The little wars that we need to wage from time to time can wear us out. Then we need that power to just be the best in our own eyes. Durga ma’s eyes will rekindle that extinguishing fire
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