Why Do People Use Artificial Sweeteners?

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Have you ever used artificial sweeteners? If you have maybe you should think about what’s in the sweeteners, and what it does to you. Artificial sweeteners do many things to your body like increasing the risk for diabetes, and it can trick your taste buds. They also are addictive, which makes people overweight. People should not use artificial sweeteners because trick your body and make you overweight, they are made with many harmful chemicals, and they increase the risk for diabetes.

First off, artificial sweeteners are very bad for you. They trick your mind into thinking they 're good for you, but truthfully they’re terrible. Most of the time artificial sweeteners are thousands of times sweeter than pure sugar. “Evidence suggests that exposing your taste buds to these high-intensity sweeteners makes them less receptive to natural sources of sweetness
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“In a European study, the risk for developing type 2 diabetes more than doubled for participants in the highest quartile of diet beverage consumption, compared with non-consumers. Of course, sugar-sweetened beverage consumption was also associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Data from the Nurses ' Health Study also indicated that risk for type 2 diabetes was amplified in those consuming at least one diet drink or sugar-sweetened drink per day; the same evidence was found by a European investigation into cancer and nutrition. Importantly, a pronounced spike in the risk of type 2 diabetes related to drinking artificially-sweetened beverages was seen even in those participants who were at a normal weight at the start of the study” ( Dangerous Effects Of Artificial Sweeteners On Your Health). When you consume artificial sweeteners, your body adjust to it. Then your body just wants more sweets, which is just like diabetes. This shows how artificial sweeteners can higher your risk of type two

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