Why Do People Use Police Body Cameras?

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Taking a video is a part of most people's everyday lives in America. Everyone uses their cameras for something different whether it’s for a picture with a friend or for a video of their pets. Cameras let people keep memories along with history. The use of police cameras will improve the behavior of police officers and suspects, can make for more accountable reports and be used as evidence in the court, and can reduce the complaints of the public. The body cameras that police officers use is a camera system that’s able to be worn on the body, allowing law enforcement to keep a video recording of an interaction with a suspect or a video of a crime scene. According to National Institute of Justice, the article, ‘Body worn cameras’ states, “..[there an] evaluation of body-worn video technology in the Los Angeles Police Department.” The Los Angeles police department is one of the largest police department in America,…show more content…
To go against this and in saying that just by wearing a body camera doesn’t mean that the behavior of the police and suspect will change. According to CATO, the article, ‘Police Body Cameras’ states, “While it is the case that police body cameras cannot conclusively be shown to improve citizen or police behavior.” While using body cameras might not relate to the improvement of citizen or police behavior, it is a factor to take in consideration. According to Rasmussen college, the article, ‘Police resective: the pros & cons of police cameras’ by Will Ersted states, “...[people] behave better when they know they’re being watched.” When a police officer is encountered with a suspect both the officer and the suspect will behave differently, favourably, because of the office wearing the camera. No doubt, the use of cameras on the police force can play a useful part in changing the behavior of not only suspects, but also the behavior of

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