Why Do People Want To Fit In Society

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The term “fitting in” holds different meanings to different people. To some people, to “fit in” means to feel comfortable in a particular group of friends. To some people, to “fit in” means to feel that you belong, or to be like others. To some people, “fitting in” may even mean nothing. Fitting in clearly holds a variety of meanings for people, but the term “fitting in” means “to be socially compatible with other members of a group”, as quoted from the Oxford Dictionary. You may now wonder, what is the meaning of “socially compatible”? To be “socially compatible”, one must be harmonious, well-suited and exist without conflict in an organization or particular group of society. Why do people want to fit in? Many people may not want to fit in, but a vast majority wants to. The reason is very simple – people do not want…show more content…
An accepting and healthy environment is needed. Many people face peer pressure because they are deemed uncool and are pressured to do uncomfortable things and things that they believe are not right. If everyone accepts everyone around them for their real selves and will not judge them, people will not commit unhealthy acts and develop undesirable bad habits. People need to surround themselves around healthy and positive company that will accept each other and have healthy core values. Lastly, people must rid themselves of any bad and unhealthy ideals. They must not feel pressured by the media, friends, family or external sources to change themselves and pursue activities that they feel uncomfortable about and are not right. They must not succumb to people’s expectations and unhealthy ideals, but instead set high (but reachable) standards for themselves to keep improving and being better. They must realize that they don’t have to be perfect and suit what everyone think of them, but instead feel comfortable in their own skin and set healthy standards to keep improving instead of being
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