Why Do People Want To Get A Tattoo Essay

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For years people have decided to get tattoos for a large multitude of reasons, all quality reasons to permanently alter one’s body, and the tradition continues but nowadays there is much more questioning. To better understand the debate over lowering the age to get tattooed, one must examine the tattoo artists’ professionalism, the knowledge and acceptance of the risks of getting a tattoo, and the reasoning behind wanting to get a tattoo. Young adults below the age of 18 should have the opportunity to get a tattoo before they legally become an adult, without the consent of their parents. Everyday people are encouraged to express themselves and show off their creativity, tattoos are just another great way to show one’s dedication to their creative thoughts…show more content…
In the everyday life, important decisions are made that have the potential to change the way people live and getting a tattoo is one of them. Because of this, adolescence below the age of 18 should have the right to get a tattoo before they legally become adults at 18, without their parents’ consent. In our current era, people worry about risks to their health and this has caused an overreaction in the new laws on tattooing. Art has been praised since the Renaissance and possibly even more now so even though tattooing may have its risks, it’s worth it for the young, beautiful minds of today which are full of creativity. Limitations on tattoos that get criticized the most are the age restrictions; they have either changed or became more strict with the statistics being, “At least 45 states prohibit minors from getting tattoos” (Mercer). This is important because it shows how at least 90% of the United States have restrictions made on tattoos and, with research, anyone would know this is just because of a few health problems that ruined it for everyone. It is important to consider both sides of this argument and in the end, make a decision based on which beliefs apply more to whoever is doing the

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