Why Do People Want To Pretend To Be Good Friends

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People like to pretend to be good friends. It is for attention or to be mean. Should everyone have only one way of acting or two ways of acting? Also, how would they like their lives being mean to everyone talking behind their friend’s backs. Personally I think it is messed to do that, but who am I to judge? I have done it before. Because I got really mad at that one friend I used to be with every day. Sometimes, I wonder why people can be two-faced. People that are hypocritical make other people seem depressed about themselves. For example, Tania has been with a group of friends at school, and she is having a blast with them. They are all talking and having a girl talk. Then, they all go to their classes, but Tania is the only one in a different…show more content…
Realizing she has no respect for her friends. Finally, finding out they were the ones that said all those mean things about her. She has quit being their friend. Losing total respect for them, showed her the reality in life. Tania found out that they are ignorant, heartless, cold friends. The only people you can trust is your family. Graduation day arrived, everything went alright, she walked across received her diploma. Despite all that, her enemies went up to her, told her that they were truly sorry for what they have done. Tania never wanted to see them again, because she can forgive but not forget. From what I have wrote I think that people that go behind their friend’s back, talks rude about them should not be respected. I experienced this before. My told me, “Es mejor a estar sola, que estar mal acompaniada” or in english “it’s better to ride alone, then to be accompanied by the wrong people”. Every time I know why if don't really have friends I chose to remember what my dad told me. Also, the saying keep your friends close, but keep your enemies close. Leaning to keep my circle small, but I have a good vibe at school. I talk to everyone, but I am not friends with them. Just like in my story Tania is better off alone than with people that will judge and start
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