Why Do People Wear Turbans

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Bias/Prejudice Introduction The Twin Tower attack on September 11, 2001, has changed how people view their society. People are afraid of Muslims and people that wear turbans because of the horrific events that occurred in America. This tragic event also impacted the way I view people that wear turbans. Bias or Prejudice Identification As a child, I used many stereotypes jokingly not knowing that it could harm anyone. Attending several Ethics classes in school and at work, I learned that stereotyping is not to be used in any way because it is not appropriate. I have stopped using stereotypes. Since the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, I acquired bias toward people that wear turbans. Every time I come across a person that wears a turban, I feel uncomfortable and get nervous. Over the years, I have overcome the fear. However, I feel uncomfortable being around people that wear turbans. Sometimes I move to another location or out of the area, which is not a respectful thing to do. Gender/Equity Connection Islamic terrorists from Saudi Arabia and several other Arab nations were the attackers on September 11, 2001. The connection that the attackers had was that they were from the same location or practice the same religion. Most Saudi Arabians are…show more content…
In the month of October, I drove around to see where I can find areas where people that wear turban or hijabs spend their time. I found a young lady at Ballast Point reading and a couple with their children at a playground. I also noticed when I went to the campus library there were many students that wore a hijab. In November I went on campus every Tuesdays and Thursdays. I also drove on Sligh Avenue by the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay several times. I went to the Mall on the weekends and walked the entire mall to observe how many people wore turbans or hijabs. Once I observed different locations, I determined where I will attempt to communicate with people that wear turbans or
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