Why Do People Won T Vote

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Frequently, people won’t vote because they think that voting would not be any different if they didn 't vote. In multiple ways, their vote does count. If voters used this excuse then what would happen? It is still important that we vote and engage in elections today. If we didn 't have citizens voting for people in the government, basically anyone could be in it. If no one voted for anyone, someone could take control over the government because there is no order to who is in the government since there are no voters. This could be bad for our country because crazy people could take charge, people who don 't want what 's best for the citizens of this country. This is one reason people should vote and take part in elections. Another reason it is important that we partake in elections is because it allows people to decide who they want in their government and who decides their country, city, or state’s issues. One person in every state not voting could affect the outcome of an election and if you don 't vote you might not get the outcome you were hoping for. This is another reason people should join in on elections.…show more content…
In conclusion, if no one thought voting was important our country could be run by a mad man or a bad person. Also, the right person for the job could not be elected because of a few voters that decided not to vote. We are very fortunate to get to vote. So, don 't waste your opportunity to

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