Why Do Pitbulls Be Banned

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“The breed isn’t the problem, the owner is. 80 percent of the hundreds of Pit bulls seized and killed every year by animal control in Prince George’s County, MD, because of a dog breed- specific ban are ‘nice, family dogs’, 84 percent of dogs involved in fatal attacks were neglected or abused, and 86 percent of fatal dog attacks involve unneutered male dogs” stated by the Reeves Law Group. (Reeves Law Group. “The Pit Bull’s Bad Rap: Dispelling Common Myths About America’s Most Feared Dog Breed”) Although many people believe Pit bulls are dangerous they are no more dangerous than any other dog breed; they are stereotyped, negatively portrayed in the media, and most of their aggression stems from their training. States are now starting to ban…show more content…
Studies have shown that Pit bulls are not proven to be more dangerous than any other dog breed. They are just misunderstood, because Pit bulls are proven to be aggressive and territorial unlike other dogs. Some even might say they are more aggresive than other breeds because, Pit bulls go straight for the attack rather than showing signs they are threatened and going for the leg or ankle, baring teeth, or growing. Pit bulls will go straight for the neck without out every showing a warning that they are going to. They also have a higher pain tolerance than almost every other dog. Even though when Pit bulls attack they do go for the kill shot they are less likely to attack humans. They are still used today for dog fights which means that they would not need to growl and that they would attack another dog not a human. Pit bulls are very protective of their owners and are loving just like other dog breeds. It has been breed in Pit bulls as a natural instinct to attack first and think about what they are doing later. ( Gladwell, 1-2) Also, by having a higher pain tolerance Pit bulls are- less likely to back down when someone fights against them. This is one of the main reasons they are used in dog fights, because they do not feel pain like other dog breeds. But what most people do not understand is that like any other dog breed, Pit bulls, are very territorial and will do almost anything if they feel like their owner is…show more content…
New York City banned all the breeds of dog that look like a pit bull and all the different types of pit bull mixes. Pit bulls were never bred to attack humans. (Gladwell, 4) Society as a whole is raised and told throughout their life never to stereotype any race, gender, or judge a whole group of people just because a few people in that group did some bad things. Why should we group every dog into a singular breed and treat them as if they are all guilty of something? Just like people Pit bulls are not born hating anyone or wanting to brutally attack anyone. They do have aggressive natural instincts that can be considered dangerous, but that the same can be said for any animal. To ban an entire breed is not just unfair to the people who want to own such a unique animal, but it is unfair to the dogs themselves. Additional Pit bulls are not just one breed so to ban Pit bulls cities like New York would have to ban any dog that ha Pit bull lift features. Since Pit bulls are not allowed in certain places they are sent more to the pound, which ultimately means that most of the Pit bulls sent to a pound are euthanized.“The reality that any human was more likely to be struck by lightning than fall victim to a fatal dog attack of any breed is information that didn’t seem to inspire any headlines either.” ( Boucher, PUFFA , 38) Most headlines and

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