Why Do Police Use Excessive Force

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There are other reasons why polices officers used excessive force and lethal force rather than just their own decisions. As it was anteriority mentioned, the community is not trusting any more in police officers. Surveys in recent years with minority groups – Latinos and African American- suggest that the confidence in police is low. In 2014 this perspective was expanded to all American races across the country. Community gave “low marks to the police departments around the country… for misconduct, using appropriated amount of force, and treating racial and ethnics groups equally” (Wehbey, 2015). In Excessive or Reasonable Force by Police? Research on Law Enforcement and racial Conflict, by Wehbey exposes some of the reasons that police officers…show more content…
A 2012 investigation realized by the Criminal Justice Policy Review analyzed patterns of behavior in the police stations founding that no all police officers are responsible for the excessive use of force, and even between police officers differed about this point. Also, they found that officers with more education and experience may be less likely to use force. Another good aspect that was mentioned was the use of video cameras on police officer. The use of these device fell the rate of complaints from 60% to a nearly 90%. Some might claim that the evidence that Wehbey is showing about how police officers are looking for a solution to excessive use of force is not true because people still perceive actions that are against these claims. On the contrary, it is suggesting that police stations as the community are aware of the impact of this issue, and they are looking for a solution as well. Probably the excess of force will never be eradicated, but evidence is showing that it could be reduce. Wehbey’s points is important because exposed that not all police officers are alike to use force in
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